Mar 30

How to Replace the Main Gear in a Garage Door Opener

It’s 6:00 AM and also you are leaving for job. You push the garage door opener wall button as well as hear a subtle hum from your electric motor yet the door failed to removal. If your  garage door opener Chamberlain  are intact chances are you garage door openers major drive equipment has stopped working. You can conveniently inspect your drive gears by unplugging your garage door opener and getting rid of the metal cover. The primary drive equipment is made of a white plastic that usually is the weak spot in the opener. Several things could cause this gear to fail. Some reasons for wear are:

oGarage door from balance (Springs broke or in need of modification).
oChain to tight a.
oOld age.
oExcessive use or high cycle.
oFactory flaw or lack of grease at time of manufacture.

Replacing the large white gear is an affordable, fast as well as simple do it on your own fix as long as you have a few straightforward hand tools and adhere to the security preventative measures. These gears could be acquired online in a variety of degrees of components.

Before you get going it is very important for you to have a checklist of the few simple tools should achieve this job:.
oHalf inch wrench or flexible wrench or pliers.
o3/8″ Socket or Nut Driver.
o1/4″ Socket or Nut Driver.
o5/16″ Socket or Nut Driver.
oFlat Standard Screwdriver.
o5/32″ Punch or comparable.

To prevent feasible SERIOUS INJURY or even DEATH from electrocution, ALWAYS Disconnect the power cable from your garage door from the outlet before waging any assessment or repair.

Step # 1.
Make sure your garage door opener is unplugged. This action insures that no person accidentally attempts to open up or shut the garage door while you are working with it or you do not inadvertently trigger the door while servicing it.

Action # 2.
Separate the door from the external cart by manually drawing the red separate rope and by hand shut the garage door.

The Garage door MUST be in the totally closed setting throughout all repairs and also assessment.

Assuring that your garage door is shut will certainly reassure that your door will not drop or make any kind of motion that would trigger injury or surprise you. We recommend that as soon as the door is shut that you clamp the door down using a vise hold or clamp over one of the rollers to stop the door from being opened from the exterior.

Step # 3.
Slow the chain or belts stress by losing the tension nut on the garage door opener trolley. Usually this is nut and could be readjusted with a 1/2 “wrench

Step # 4. Eliminate the gear or belt sheave retainer cap. Usually this has a clip on the back if you press in it will certainly release.

Action # 5.
I always suggest noting the placement of the chain or belt to the gear before eliminating. This can easily be done with white out, tape or other methods. This step assists assure that your chain or belt obtains reinstalled in the right position and produces fast as well as easy recommendation if required later. Get rid of the chain or belt from the sprocket and afterwards glide the internal trolley to the closed setting till it engages the external trolley. Place loose chain/belt on the end of the rail closest to the gear. I usually duct tape the chain to stop it from falling to the floor and also obtaining all bented and filthy.

Step # 6.
It is currently time to get rid of both finish covers and the main real estate. Completion cover are each affixed by 3 or four 1/4″ head screws that can be gotten rid of with a 1/4″ nut motorist or socket. Be sure to unplug the cable to the circuit board.

Action # 7.
Get rid of the retaining clip and also the drive equipment for the limitations. Also currently eliminate the limitation button setting up by pressing the sides just listed below the brace by the drive gears. There is no should detach the wires as it is ALRIGHT to leave this limit assembly hang by the cords. Do not make any kind of adjustments to the limit assembly screws, this will certainly guarantee that there is minimal adjustment should the limitations after you finish your repair work and also run your garage door opener.

Step # 8.
Currently its time to remove the RPM sensing unit this could be easily done by unplugging the cord harness and also get rid of the RPM sensor from the protecting tabs.

Step # 9.
Detach the red, blue and white wires from the electric motor. It is essential that you note where these wires go. The exact same color cables go to the exact same terminals on the capacitor red/red and also blue/blue.

Step # 10.
Remove the 4 5/16″ hex head screw’s that hold the electric motor setting up to the structure of the garage door opener. Make certain to put your hand under the motor before eliminating the last screw to avoid the motor from falling. Move the electric motor setting up off the drive shaft as well as place in a safe place. (Not on top of the ladder for noticeable reasons).

Action # 11.
Remove the three hex head screws holding the sprocket setting up to the major framework using a 5/16″ nut motorist or outlet. Now it is time to choose if you wish to replace the main gear only or the entire gear or all chain drive versions 1984 to existing.

Action # 12.
Skip this step if you are replacing the entire equipment as well as gear or wheel setting up. If you are going to replace the drive gear support the driveshaft on a block of timber and also own the reduced roll pin/Tension pin out with a 5/32″ punch. See picture instance listed below.

Action # 13.
Remove and also change the worm gear. In many cases it is not necessary to change the worm gear unless it reveals indicators of wear. If you want to replace this gear get rid of the shaft collar with a 1/8″ hex wrench. Please be sure to keep in mind the location of each of these parts as you take apart so you can re-install in correct order. When you get your gear set, you will find there are parts not made use of in your version this is due to the fact that these sets are global and also deal with numerous models of Sears, Craftsman, Wayne Dalton, Master Mechanic, Liftmaster, True Value as well as other brands of garage doors openers. Only change the components that are utilized on your garage door opener. Remove the 3 nuts that hold the electric motor to the framework then get rid of the worm gear. Install the new worm gear making certain the roll pin is effectively seatsed in the new gear. Re-install other parts backwards order. After you complete this assembly I advise you lube the worm gear so you do not neglect.

Step # 14.
Begin reassembly in reverse order. Make sure to extensively lube the major drive gear which grease is on each and every tooth. Attach the gear and gear or sheave setting up to the major framework with the three 5/16″ head screws. Mount the assembled motor frame to the framework with the four 5/16″ head screws and reattach the red, blue as well as white wires; now install the limit assembly as well as the limitation drive gear ensuring they harmonize effectively. You could now install the RPM sensing unit as well as reconnect cables. Set up the steel cover and also end panels, make sure to connect in the circuit card as well as reconnect image eye and also switch cables.

Action # 15.
Reconnect the power cable to the opener and also cycle the opener until the gear completes a complete clockwise cycle. The trolley has to remain in the completely down position prior to setting up the chain. Now you could eliminate the tape from the rail and reinstall the chain. The chain and also gear referral mark need to be close to lining up. Tighten up the chain so that the chain is 1/2 “over the base of the rail at axis for “T” design rails and 1/4″ for square tube rails. Safeguard the chain tightening up lock nut.

Keep in mind when readjusting and also testing your garage door motor it is important.
making certain no person is in the course of the moving door.

It is very important to recognize when evaluating your garage door opener it is feasible to over cycle the electric motor.
and have the electric motor briefly overheat and quit running.
To avoid this shot and also not operate the door opener more than 10 cycles.
without providing it 5-10 mins to cool off.

Step # 16.
Currently run the opener as well as examination to see if the door open up to the right setting and closes to the right setting. If you have to make adjustments make use of the travel changes screws making fine modifications. I recommend only making slight adjustments 1/4 turn or much less each time. For referral one complete turn of the screw equals approx 2″ of travel on 1/2 and also 1/4 HP designs and also 3″ on 3/4 HP designs.

Step # 17.
Once you have your doors travel change fix it is time to change the pressure. This is the pressure that it requires to guarantee your door opener will certainly run securely. The initial step in this procedure is to examine the down pressure. With the door open merely activate the garage door opener when the door gets to the half method factor realize the door from the bottom and also try and stop it. If the door is tough to quit or does not stop decrease the down force adjustment in tiny increments till it turn around upon affordable force. If the garage door opener Chamberlain  does not close as well as the light begins to blink enhance the down force adjustment in small increments till you can check the turnaround at half way. Readjusting the force does not assure that your operator will reverse on 1-1/2″ object at the floor. For additional information on readjusting the turnaround at the floor see your owner’s guidebook or call the supplier.