Jun 14

My Garage Door Opener is Not Working

Is your garage door opener not working? Are you pushing the switch however absolutely nothing is happening? You could be able to determine the troubles on your own without calling the garage door repair service. Below are the ideas for identifying the opener problems without the help of a specialist.


Check Sensors: Safety sensing units avoid an above door from opening and/or shutting when an item is discovered in the means of the sensing unit beam. These sensors perform a vital work to stop a potentially dangerous event. Make sure the beam of light is not obstructed. Garage door sensing units could additionally accumulate dust and could have to be wiped off. They could likewise lose their positioning which could should be dealt with by a garage door repair specialist.

Inspect Operators- It may sound basic, but there are times when the battery may have passed away in your automobile remote and you could able to trigger your above door from the wall system. If you discover any kind of odd flashes in your auto remote, it might be suggesting an analysis code which can be analyzed using the user’s manual.

Examine the Batteries- While it is very easy to alter the cars and truck remote batteries, in few situations; you may locate that your remote is operating great, yet the wall surface system has stopped working. Check the source of power for your door opener device to see if it is battery powered too.

Inspect Fuses- Your home’s electrical source powers your overhead door opener. Make certain the electric breaker has actually not stumbled. If the breaker trips after it has actually been re-set, call a garage door repair solution right away.

If absolutely nothing else works, you might have troubles with your overhanging door hardware or the opener system itself. It’s always best to call a specialist to diagnose the system.


Keep in mind, if nothing works, you can always draw the emergency situation launch handle to open and close your garage door by hand.