Feb 05

How to Hang String Lights on Screened Porch

How to Hang String Lights on Screened PorchString lights are a great addition to any porch. They are perfect for illuminating barbeques or outdoor parties every day of the year. And while in some instances you may need to hire bistro light installers Phoenix AZ specialists, you can hang the string lights on your own in most cases. Continue reading below to learn how to hang string lights on a screened porch.

Project Materials

The materials you’ll need for this project include string bulbs and lights. A ladder, pencil, drill, wood-bearing drill bit, screw eyes, an outdoor extension cord and mini metal cables.

Steps to Installing the Lights

Follow these steps ton install your new string lights.

  1. Designate Anchor Points

The first step is to designate the anchor points for the lights. Lay the lights down on your porch and select where you would like to hang the strands. You can mark the anchor points using a ladder and pencil.

  1. Hang Screw Eyes

How to Hang String Lights on Screened Porch

Next, you can hang the screw eyes. You can do this by pre-drilling holes and twisting the screw eyes into each hole. The number of lights you have will determine how many holes you will need to make. If you’d like your lights to stretch around the porch, you will need to hang a screw eight for each light If you’d like the lights to hang a bit, you can put up a screw eye every third light or so.

  1. Attach the Carabiners and Light Bulbs

The next step is to attach the carabiners and light bulbs. Install the mini metal carabiners by attaching them to the screw eyes. Thread the carabiner at the top of each light and then thread it through the screw eye. Once complete, install the light bulb by carefully screwing it in each socket.

There are several different light bulbs you can choose from, including stylish Edison-style bulbs or energy-saving LED lights.

  1. Power Up the Lights

The final step in hanging the string lights is to power them up. Take the outlet on the end of the string lights and attach it to an extension cord. Take the cord down to the source of power and plug it in. You can then secure the cord to the wall or patio using cord clips. If desired, you can also install a timer that turns the lights on and off automatically.